Our alumni are doing amazing things all over the country, and their professional experience is as diverse as the interests that you may have as a student preparing to make the transition from college into the work force. LBSA alumni serve as an invaluable resource for all LBSA students looking for mentorship and professional guidance. The wide array of alumni in different industries and careers provide an excellent resource for students to explore different career paths that interest them from an early start.

The LBSA Fund provides UC Berkeley LBSA Students with scholarships for educational purposes. Make sure to stay connected to learn more information about these scholarships, the application process, and deadlines.

The Adelante Mentorship Program…
This programs aims to pair upperclassmen who are in the process of making the transition to the professional world. Having a mentor during such a pivotal time can prove invaluable for our students and rewarding for our alumni. Please email us at if you would like to participate!

Stay Connected with us…
Before graduating make sure to give us your contact information so we can put you on our mailing list and invite you to our Alumni events!