Board Members

Board Members

Vacant, Chairman
Francisco Gomez, Chief Financial Officer
Oscar Olivas, Consultant
Jackie Ortiz, Director of Marketing
Alberto Rosales, Co-Director of Scholarship
Angel Garcia, Co-Director of Scholarship
Jackie Millen, Co-Director of Fundraising
Claude Vargas, Co-Director of Fundraising
Laura Diaz, Co-Director of Alumni Engagement
Danny Menendez, Co-Director of Alumni Engagement
Ana Cano, Director of Student Relations

Project Managers

Recruiting Project Managers

Vacant, Chairman

Currently recruiting a passionate leader to propel the LBSA Fund forward.

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Francisco Gomez, Chief Financial Officer

Francisco was born and raised in the small town of Calexico, CA, within the Imperial Valley. He graduated with a B.A in Political Economy in 2019. After college, Francisco began his career in commercial real estate working for Churchill Commercial Capital as a CRE analyst, followed by time at Gemini Rosemont as Senior Analyst. He currently works as a Commercial Underwriter for Arixa Capital

During his time at UC Berkeley, Francisco was an active LBSA member and served time on the student board as club Historian in 2016.  In his spare time, Francisco enjoys mentoring and giving back to the community through his experiences. He looks forward to strengthening the financial structure of the Alumni Fund in his position as CFO.  

Oscar 5x7

Oscar Olivas, LBSA Fund Consultant

Looking to continue my career in the High Yield Fixed Income world with the ultimate goal of becoming a Portfolio Manager and or the owner of my own investment management firm.

My belief that LBSA truly makes in impact on student lives and our members ultimate careers.

My goal is to create a sustainable energy and enthusiasm within the alumni community. This engagement will lead to increased commitment from our alumni and subsequent recognition of our accomplishments by our many stakeholders – students, alumni, U.C. Berkeley, Haas School of Business and the broader Latino Community.

Jackie Ortiz, Director of Marketing

Witnessing LBSA’s profound impact as an undergrad inspired Jackie to continue uplifting the organization’s mission of helping students and alumni realize their educational and professional pursuits. Jackie is looking forward to driving LBSA’s community engagement by strengthening its branding and marketing strategies. 

Coming from a family of small-business owners, Jackie aspires to build sustainable solutions to the challenges that have blocked amplifying the growth of underrepresented business leaders. She is a Bay Area local and graduated from UC Berkeley in 2022 with a degree in Legal Studies. In her free time, Jackie enjoys exercising, traveling, and is a skincare enthusiast. 

Alberto 5x7

Alberto Rosales, Director of Scholarship

Experienced IT Professional working in the Financial Services Industry. I have spent the last decade working on technical solutions that are efficient and useful in business applications.

As an Engineering student at Cal I joined LBSA because it helped students, from undeserved communities, develop critical career building skills. As a board member I would like to enable current students pursue their own career goals. As LBSA reaches its 20 year anniversary I want the organization to continue to serve, grow, and innovate for the next 100 years.

Angel Garcia, Director of Scholarship

Angel was born and raised in the Coachella Valley. He graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Economics and Policy and currently works in the corporate responsibility sector. His current role is at Target as a Philanthropic Data Analyst where he transforms and analyzes data into impactful stories.

Angel was involved in the LBSA student board for two years and created everlasting friends and experiences. Now with the opportunity to serve on the LBSA Alumni Board gives him the opportunity to give back to an organization that has given him enormous support.

Jacqueline Millen, Director of Fundraising

Jackie believes in the impact of fundraising and looks forward to expanding the groups fundraising and outreach efforts. As a student she was an active LBSAer and saw first hand the impact that scholarships and alumni support caused. During her tenure as an Alumni board member Jackie has increased alumni engagement and achieved multiple fundraising records!

Claude Vargas,  Co-Director of Fundraising

Claude currently works at LinkedIn as a Sales Development Representative where he helps the company’s mission in connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. He has gained experience in sales, fundraising, recruiting, and event management and is looking forward to helping LBSA reach their fundraising goals for this year. On his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis and bodybuilding.

Laura Diaz, Director of Alumni Engagement

Laura Diaz currently works at Accenture as management consultant specializing in the creation of user-centric products and services to maximize inclusion, efficiency and performance. Her experience working in high tech, utilities, education, food and the non-profit industry has shaped her unique perspective and approach to problem solving.

Laura is passionate about creating equity and believes in the power in community therefore, she looks forward to the opportunity to help strengthen the LBSA Alumni community through her role as the Director of Alumni Engagement. 

Laura was raised in South East Los Angeles and born in Jalisco, Mexico. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2019 with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Ethnic Studies.  

Danny 5x7

Danny Menendez, Director of Alumni Engagement

Danny believes in the impact that alumni engagement has on students and looks forward to build stronger relationships between both groups. As a student he was an active LBSAer and saw first hand the impact that an active alumni network caused. During his tenure as an Alumni board member Danny has increased alumni engagement and has helped strengthen ties between students and alumni.

Ana Cano, Director of Student Relations

As a student, I was an avid LBSAer serving in various positions, including as President during 2019-2020.
After graduating in 2020, I started my career at Target in human resources and afterwards joined LinkedIn in Talent Solutions. I look forward to helping Alumni and students engage to strengthen and build the network. Context below to give you a better idea of my background and experience that I look forward to leveraging to support the network.

The opportunity to join the LBSA Alumni Board felt natural and exciting to pay it forward with current LBSA students. I will never forget the comfort I experienced when I joined LBSA as a freshman and the inspiration I felt while meeting successful LBSA Alumni. LBSA supported me throughout college and shaped me into the professional that I am today.

I am very excited to collaborate with current LBSAers to create opportunities for them to engage with Alumni from all industries and backgrounds.

Vacant, Project Managers

Recruiting passionate leaders to support the board.

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