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Most of our journeys were not solo trips. We’ve all had someone to help us along the way emotionally, academically, and/or financially. The LBSA Alumni Scholarship allows us to provide a much needed resource to many of the students. LBSA has given us so much in terms of preparing us for our future endeavors and helping us build a network, professionally and personally, that many of us still utilize and enjoy. Others have invested in your success while at CAL, by donating to the LBSA Alumni Scholarship it is just one of many ways that you are committing yourself to participating in the success of Latino students and future colleagues.

The reason to donate is simple. It is our responsibility as CAL Alumni, Latino professionals, and LBSA Alumni to find a way to give back.

98 to 99% of the donations raised go directly towards the scholarship given to the students. The LBSA Fund Board is completely comprised of volunteers, however approximately 1 to 2% does go to pay for incidental administrative expenses.

The LBSA Alumni Fund fundraises money year round to award scholarships to high achieving UC Berkeley LBSA Students. If you want to support and empower a student you can donate the following ways:



Or by Check: Checks Payable to LBSA Fund
Mail to LBSA Fund
P.O. Box 6864
Albany, CA 94706

Or via

Or Venmo

Username: LBSAAlumniFund

Or Zelle (New)

If you have donated via Zelle or check, please send a note to
noting your name, last name, class, and preferred email!

Thank you for helping us empower our community!