Since the inception of the Alumni Fund we have given out over $141,350 in scholarships used for educational and living purposes! Every year we give at least 5 scholarships ranging from $500 to $5,000.

In 2021 LBSA Fund gave out $15,000 to 14 amazing LBSA students.

2021 Soledad Voss Scholarship –  $3,000 In honor of one of our LBSA Alumni.

Ashley 5x7

Ashley Santiago  – A Zapoteca first-generation college student who was raised in Oaxaca, Mexico, and migrated to the United States in 2016 — leaving her family and town in search of an opportunity for an education. She is now a rising third-year studying Business Administration at the University of California, Berkeley.

During her first semester at Cal, Ashley joined LBSA and became involved as an intern for the Executive Administration and Professional Development committee. This past fall, she proudly served as the Director of Information Technology for the organization. Through the resources and support that LBSA has provided, she obtained a spot as a Pioneer Intern for Deloitte during the Summer of 2020 and will return as a Discovery Intern for this upcoming Summer 2021.

Ashley’s fascination for the production of artisanal distilled beverages — which she grew up learning from her family in Oaxaca — and her immense love for her culture and community has leaned her towards a career in entrepreneurship. She hopes to one day share with the world the beauty of the Oaxacan and Zapotec culture, and most importantly to bring it closer to those like her that find themselves away from home

2021 Gold Scholarship Recipients – $1,500 


Jaqueline (Jackie) Ortiz – Jackie is a rising senior majoring in Legal Studies. Growing up around small business owners, she witnessed the determination of her family to maintain their businesses afloat, despite their lack of resources. Combined with being raised in San Pablo, a city filled with small businesses in need of development, she grew a passion for exposure to social entrepreneurship and the creativity it brings to the market. In the future, she hopes to provide real and sustainable solutions to the challenges that have blocked resource security for marginalized populations and question how businesses impact the quality of life for a community. Jackie will be interning at Deloitte as a Risk & Financial Advisory Intern this summer!

34CE9640-42D8-496F-B43A-FE7CD78D221DBryan Gallardo – My name is Bryan Gallardo and I am currently a sophomore intending to study business administration at the Haas School of Business. I grew up in Bakersfield, CA until the age of 10 and moved to Lakewood, CA, where I lived until I moved to Berkeley this year. I am the first one in my family to be born in the United States after they immigrated from Mexico and the second one to attend university after my mom who earned her degree in 2010. I am a very passionate soccer fan and have been playing since I was 5 years old! Outside of school also, I am very passionate about serving my community. I believe that being at Cal we have a significant platform of experience that we can and should use to help bring up the community that helped get us here. Whether it is mentoring high school students, handing out food and toys during the holidays, or helping Hispanic women learn fundamental business skills, I always try to find a way to make a difference in someone else’s life. Thank you all for the opportunity to receive a scholarship, GO LBSA!


Joan Coello – An undocumented first-generation latina
from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She is a second year student majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Global Studies.
She joined LBSA her freshman year as an External & Internal Affairs Intern. In the Fall 2020, she became the Director of Public Relations. She is now LBSA’s Executive Administrator and looks forward to enhancing the LBSAers’ experience as we transition back to in-person classes!
She hopes to continue to represent the Latinx and Undocumented community at Cal and in HAAS spaces. In her free time she enjoys traveling, cooking and trying cultural cuisines.

Herman headshot 2

Herman Cortez – Herman is a proud first-generation student born and raised in Southern California.

During his time at Berkeley, LBSA welcomed him into a supportive community of students and mentors who have helped him grow both personally and professionally. He first joined LBSA in the Fall of 2020 and interned for the Professional Development Committee. He then became the Director of Operations during the second semester of his freshman year. These leadership experiences gave him valuable networking, public speaking, and problem-solving skills which have helped him during his summer internship with Deloitte. Currently, his career interests include consulting, finance, and project management.

He currently serves as LBSA’s VP of Alumni Relations and is excited to help alumni connect with students.

2021 Silver Scholarship Recipients – $1,000

Kate Charco – A first-generation Latina college student from Santa Ana, California graduating with the Class of 2024. LBSA was the first organization she joined coming into Cal and has given her leadership and career opportunities such as an upcoming summer internship with Deloitte. Her main focus through LBSA is to build a support system for Latinx students to help represent them within Haas and the business community. She intends to major in Business Administration and minor in Data Science and though she has a variety of interests, her goal is to use her business acumen to help advocate for the support of small businesses owned by people of color.

Carolyna Solis – Is a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying Business Administration. This past year she served as an intern at the Latinx Business Student Association for the Internal Affairs committee and Professional Development committee. Outside of school, she enjoys strength training and going on hikes near the beach.


Jessenia Gutierrez – Proud first generation student, hija de padres Mexicanos. She is a rising Junior majoring in Media Studies with an emphasis in Marketing and minoring in Gender and Women’s Studies. During her free time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, watching sunsets at the beach, and spending time with friends and family. As a freshman at Cal, she sought to find a supportive community where she would feel comfortable and be able to truly be herself. At LBSA, not only did she find her home away from home, but met individuals who continue to inspire her to reach her personal, academic and professional goals. She has been actively involved in LBSA since her first semester at Cal, and is excited to serve as LBSA’s next President for the upcoming school year. As a result of the opportunities and strong network that LBSA offers, this summer Jessenia will be interning with Ernst & Young as a Launch Intern and with the Latinx MBA Association as a Marketing Lead. Her goal is to one day be CEO of her own company that strives to make a positive impact on the world. She also hopes to establish a mentorship program for POC and first-generation students, empowering them to reach their full potential.”

2021 Bronze Scholarship Recipients – $500

E42ADCF9-4B41-4FA3-AC38-64071256DDE9Erika Galindo – Erika Galindo is a first-generation Mexican-American immigrant and a first-year student at UC Berkeley. She intends to major in Business Administration, but is also interested in Economics and Data Science. Erika is passionate about studying the opportunistic overlap of business, technology, and economics, and how it can pave the way for new practices of social responsibility and sustainability.

Daniela Rodriguez – Daniela Rodriguez is in her third year, studying Business Administration. She’s been part of LBSA ever since her first semester at Cal. Daniela’s been involved in different committees within LBSA such as the Professional Development, External Affairs, and the Finance Committee. Thanks to LBSA she was able to land an internship with KPMG as a first year in their Business Tax Service line. She’s been with the firm ever since and she hopes to get her masters after graduating from Berkeley. Daniela enjoys giving back to the community and has done so by being a mentor/ teacher to elementary school students in the Bay Area. She is also part of the Latinos in Insurance Networking for our Community, a non profit organization where we connect underprivileged high school students to the business community through mentorship and internship opportunities with insurance companies in Los Angeles.

IMG_2244_OriginalKassandra Ruiz – Kassandra is am a first generation, Latinx, low-income student from the Bay Area. She is hoping to major in Business Administration or Public Health. As a first year, she interned with the community affairs committee of the Latinx Business Student Association as well as a paid research assistant for a sociology graduate student at UC Berkeley. This summer 2021 she secured an internship with The Richmond Promise and is so happy to learn how to be a mentor for younger students!

Luis CortesLuis Cortes – Luis was born in Mexico and grew up in the Bay Area (Antioch, CA). He’s done internships spanning from equity research to venture capital. He will be going to J.P. Morgan for his Junior year internship as a Tech coverage Investment Banking Summer Analyst in San Francisco. He aspires to be in the VC and Start-Up ecosystem after his first few years in banking.

Fun Fact: He is a Black Belt in Karate

Iracema Camargo Garcia – Iracema is a first-generation undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business, majoring in business administration with an emphasis in Accounting and Finance. Iracema grew up in a rural area in Mexico where at that time, only middle school was available. When she moved to the United States, she joined English classes while her kids were at school. She started working as a night-time janitor and soon as a property manager assistant.
She graduated with the highest honors from her community college, which was a crucial achievement for her since Iracema wanted to be a role model for immigrant women who couldn’t have the opportunity to study when they were young. Her life path will empower immigrant women.

Flores-Estrada_Jessica_PictureJessica Flores-Estrada – Hola! My name is Jessica Flores-Estrada ’22 (she/ella), Legal Studies major, and an aspiring lawyer. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and a daughter of Mexican immigrant parents. I’m currently a Pantry Intern for the UC Berkeley’s Basic Needs Center and a Student Assistant at the Berkeley Law Pro Bono Program.

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