Alumni involvement is crucial to the success of the LBSA community.

What do we offer Alumni?

A professional network of individuals with a shared cultural appreciation of the Latino community forged while at the University of California, Berkeley through engagement with the LBSA student group.

There are multiple ways to get involved:

Alumni-Student Events – Each semester the LBSA Student group hosts one kickoff event, and one alumni/student event where alumni are encouraged to attend. The annual year-end banquet is a fifth student run event alumni are encouraged to attend.

Alumni Social Events – Alumni events, such as happy hours and social events are held periodically. Alumni are encouraged to host and organize events that all members can participate in. Recently a bigger effort has been made to host regional events in LA, NY in addition to the traditionally strongly engaged SF Bay Area.

Alumni Together

Adelante Mentorship Program –  An initiative co-run by the Alumni and Students designed to connect students with mentors.

Alumni Engagement – Everyone has the ability to engage the network. Examples include posting job opportunities on LinkedIn and Facebook, and providing leads for new business opportunities.

Board Positions – Please reach out to one of the current Board members for more information.

Committees – Currently the majority of the workload is shouldered by the Alumni Board, with the support of two key committees. The Scholarship and Fundraising committees. With the launching of the website it is the Board’s intention to develop committees to help achieve our group’s objectives.

What are the alumni expectations?
Each member is expected to continue to grow the alumni network by volunteering, donating and facilitating ones resources, whenever possible, for the advancement of the group’s mission and objectives.

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