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2018 Soledad Voss Scholarship –  $3,500 In honor of one of our LBSA Alumni.

Angelina 5x7

Angelina Zevallos – As a freshman, Angelina served as an intern across LBSA committees. She credits her involvement in the club with helping her secure a spot in Deloitte’s Pioneer Internship this past summer and for exposing her to the recruitment process at top firms. As a rising sophomore, she looks forward to continuing to expand her network, applying to the Haas School of Business, and serving as the VP of External Affairs.

2018 Gold Scholarship Recipients – $2,500

Xiu 5x7

Xiu Ying Li Yu  – Having immigrated to the Bay Area without her parents at the age of 13, Xiu made it her goal to pursue higher education, despite the language and financial barriers. Her experiences inspired her to develop financial and educational resources to give back to immigrants and underrepresented minorities. As a member of LBSA, she contributed to several committees, served on the board, and helped students gain admission to the Haas School of Business.

The impact of her efforts have motivated her to continue to give back to the community through her professional career. Upon graduating, she hopes to become a business consultant for small local businesses and increase the number of underrepresented minorities in the corporate world.

Maria 5x7

Maria Ortega – Since joining LBSA as a freshman, Maria has consistently been involved with LBSA. She previously served on board as the Executive Administrator where she welcomed new members as well as coordinating the undergraduate mentorship program. This upcoming year she will be serving as the Co-VP of Alumni Relations where she hopes to continue to strengthen ties with the alumni network.

Outside of LBSA, she is a double major in Business Administration and Environmental Economics who is passionate about sustainability. She hopes to share this passion with others this Fall semester in a Corporate Social Responsibility decal she will be leading.

2018 Silver Scholarship Recipients – $1,500

Nicolas 5x7

Nicolas Ontiveros – A Bay Area local, rising junior Nicolas Ontiveros previously served as LBSA’s VP of Finance. Within this position, he took it upon himself to establish an investment fund that allowed traditionally disempowered LBSA members to gain experience investing.

In addition to LBSA, he is also a member of UC Berkeley’s Roller Hockey Club Team and he aspires to be an operational or marketing consultant.

David 5x7

David ‘Dale’ Aguilar  – David’s experience with LBSA predates his time at Cal. As a senior in high school, he proactively reached out to a former board member, who then helped him with his application. Since then, he has held multiple committee positions, previously served on board as Marketing Director, and will serve as the VP of Internal Affairs this year.

He’s held internships at Facebook and Google and he aims to continue to increase the representation of Latinxs and Queer people of color in tech

Daniel 5x7

Daniel Shaby – Daniel is a rising senior at UC Berkeley studying Economics and Public Health. He is passionate about helping disadvantaged communities through the lens of public health education. Through LBSA, he has participated in the Community Affairs committee for two semesters and he has helped educate high school students on resume building and college preparation.

Kenia 5x7

Kenia De La Cruz – Kenia has been involved with LBSA since her freshman year, where she was a part of the Finance and External Affair committees. After her first semester, she went on to serve as Director of Marketing and will continue to serve her sophomore year as LBSA’s Executive Administrator. Outside of the organization, Kenia is passionate about sharing her experiences and serving as a mentor to those with similar backgrounds. In one of her most recent experiences, she served as a mentor for Wells Fargo Fellows and she was invited to participate in the conference held in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She intends to major in Environmental Economics and Policy and she aspires to attain a career in marketing after graduating—where she aims to tackle strategic and creative problems.

Francisco 5x7

Francisco Gomez – Entering his fourth year as a major in Political Economy, Francisco has consistently given back to underrepresented communities throughout his college career. In the past he has served on the LBSA board and has continued his involvement by participating in workshops, socials, and professional development related activities. Outside of Cal, he organizes professional development and accounting/finance workshops at his old high school where the aim is to provide motivation to young students seeking higher education.

This past summer he had the opportunity to work at Goldman Sachs and he hopes to pursue a position in portfolio strategy for a large hedge fund focused firm in the future.

Maribel 5x7Maribel Juarez Vargas – Hailing from a small town in the Central Valley whose population is only 2,000 people, Maribel has been involved in LBSA since freshman year. Initially serving on the Finance committee and later serving on board on multiple occasions, Maribel is now an incoming junior majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Global Poverty and Practices. It wasn’t until her arrival in Berkeley and involvement in LBSA where she began to realize the lack of educational and professional diversity in her community. As a result, her career goals revolve around promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in underprivileged communities.

Mago 5x7

Mago Peña – Mago is currently a rising senior studying Political Economy with a minor in Rhetoric. He has been heavily involved with LBSA since sophomore year and he has previously served as VP of External Affairs. This upcoming year he will serve as President of the organization and he looks forward to elevating LBSA’s presence on campus and furthering its mission.

Upon graduating, he hopes to work in market research of hardware products for prominent tech companies that are committed to facilitating peoples lives.

Belinda 5x7

Belinda Hernandez – Throughout college, Belinda has had a strong track record of giving back to those that are underrepresented. As a freshman, she volunteered at the YWCA’s TechGirls program, where she created and led weekly STEM activities for low-income children. During her second year in college, she became a part of LBSA’s External Affairs and Community Affairs committees and continued to give back. She helped organize community service events aimed at improving high school students’ professional development and helping them further develop their networking skills.

Now an incoming Junior majoring in Economics, Belinda’s goal is to help educate low-income families and small businesses on financial literacy, to help them improve their standard of living.

Scholarship Recipients Pre-2018

Soledad Voss Scholarship- $2,000 In honor of one of our LBSA Alumni.

Jazzary 5x7

Jazary Olvera – A transfer student from DeAnza College into Haas, she will participant in the SEO career program this summer in NYC. Going against her mother’s wishes of wanting her to work rather than attend school, Jazary moved out of her house at age 18 in order to pursue her education. Her goal is to now “empower other Latinas (who) may have also been sheltered by a community which disregards the significance of a higher education”.

Silver Scholarship Recipients – $1,000

Ulises 5x7

Ulises Mendoza – Emphasizing on mentorship his efforts on the student board focused on expanding the mentorship base for students to help increase diversity at Haas. He is a believer in the impact of both peer and professional mentors and has made many contributions to strengthen mentorship programs within LBSA.

Carolina 5x7

Carolina Rosas – Joined LBSA as a freshman and rapidly became a leader joining the student board as the historian during her first year. Afterwards she gave back to the community by organizing multiple events as the Community Affairs director that allowed LBSA to volunteer on-site at the Boys and Girls Club and holding fundraisers for non profit organizations.

Ariadne 5x7

Ariadne Valadez – From a town of 800 people called Tranquility in the Central Valley of California. Joining the LBSA student board early in her tenure at UC Berkeley she became the executive administrator as a sophomore.

Tania 5x7

Tania Velasco – As a junior in college Tania spearheaded the Haas Mentorship Workshop in which business majors were paired with pre-business majors aiming to increase diversity at the Haas School of Business. She is certain that LBSA will be able to increase the amount of Latino applicants into Haas with these types of programs.

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