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In 2020 LBSA Fund gave out $19,000 to 14 amazing LBSA students.

2020 Soledad Voss Scholarship –  $5,000 In honor of one of our LBSA Alumni.

Evelyn 5x7

Evelin Gonzales  – A proud Latinx first-generation student moving on to her junior year. She has been an active member of LBSA since her freshman year. She has also been a member of the Operations, Public Relations, and the Community Affairs committee and has gained valuable knowledge doing so. She loves helping out her community and gives back by volunteering, usually in LBSA sponsored events. She is double majoring in Legal Studies and Global Studies and hopes to further her academic career here at Berkeley by continuing on to graduate school. As someone who was born and raised in the Central Valley, she firsthand has lived through the resource inequalities the Central Valley faces. That is why her ultimate career goal is to eliminate those inequalities and bring awareness to a part of California that is often overlooked. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer and even plays recreationally here at Berkeley on a co-ed team.

2020 Gold Scholarship Recipients – $1,500 – 2,000

Ashley 5x7

Ashley Santiago – A Zapoteca, first-generation college student who was raised in Oaxaca, Mexico, and moved to the United States in 2016 — leaving her family and town in search of an opportunity for an education. She is now a rising sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley, intending to major in Business Administration.

During her first semester at Cal, Ashley joined LBSA and became involved as an intern for the Executive Administration and Professional Development committee. Through the resources and support that LBSA has provided, she has obtained a spot as a Pioneer Intern for Deloitte this summer. This upcoming fall, she will be happily serving as the Information Technology Director for the organization.

Ashley’s fascination for the production of artisanal distilled beverages — which she grew up learning from her family in Oaxaca — and her immense love for her culture and community has leaned her towards a career in entrepreneurship. She hopes to one day share with the world the beauty of the Oaxacan and Zapotec culture, and most importantly to bring it closer to those like her that find themselves away from home.


Juan Rosales – A first generation Mexican immigrant scholar. Juan is a rising junior at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science with a passion for finance and understanding the dynamics of venture capital. He may be found sitting at a café page turning the latest copy of the WSJ or researching into financial shenanigans for his latest article. As a self-starter with a knack for discussion, he has been passionate about paving new ways to advance Latinx excellence.

He joined LBSA his freshman year as an intern for the Finance Committee and later went on in his sophomore year to become the VP of Finance. Juan is currently taking on a new venture for the organization by spearheading and developing the investment fund. Growing up in South Los Angeles, he is inspired to promote Latinx representation in business and in tech. He actively mentors high school students and teaches the fundamentals of computer programming at an underserved Bay Area high school.

In the future, Juan hopes to establish a nonprofit organization focused on creating sustainable pathways toward higher education for his community and provide pro bono consulting services for Latinx owned small businesses.

JuanAlba5x7Juan Alba – Fourth-year business administration student with a mission to bring positive social impact to his Latino community. As a proud immigrant from Colombia, he merges his passion for marketing project management and Latin America to execute ideas that spotlight diversity. He grew up for the other half of his life in Sacramento, where he began developing as a professional in nonprofits- working to promote an FDA program that offered free lunches for children during the summer months.

At UC Berkeley, he was a research assistant at the Health Initiative of the Americas, and spearheaded communication plans for a pilot study that reduced Diabetic Retinopathy in Latino migrants. His passion for strategizing marketing communications was furthered while interning at Warner Bros. Entertainment, where he helped with the international marketing of movies like Joker, Wonder Woman 1984, and It 2 in Latin America. He was also a Fall intern at OmniVis, a biotech company that makes groundbreaking cholera detection devices for third world countries, and he looks forward to furthering his skills as a project manager in tech at Cropster during the summer. Juan serves as the VP of Professional Development in LBSA, and is enthusiastic about helping prepare members for life in Corporate America.


Diego Corona – A rising third year at UC Berkeley majoring in Political Economy and minoring in Public Policy and Spanish Linguistics. He most recently interned at PwC in the Advisory service line and is also a Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) fellow.

Diego’s past experience includes interning at Capital Direct Funding where he advocated for The 200 Town Hall, a platform to organize meetings with banking professionals to explain mortgage assistance programs to low-income families. As part of his interests on campus, Diego is a Financial Peer Advisor with Bears for Financial Success, a peer-to-peer advising group on campus dedicated to guide UC Berkeley members through their personal finances. He also served in the LBSA Investment Committee for three semesters where he analyzed companies’ annual reports and financial statements to optimize returns and increase LBSA’s funds.

Diego’s career goals include emphasizing the importance of investing and banking in low-income communities to increase home ownership and financial literacy. He seeks to land a full-time career job as a consultant.

2020 Silver Scholarship Recipients – $1,000


Jessenia Gutierrez –  Involved with LBSA since her first semester at Cal. She is intending to major in Media Studies with an emphasis in marketing. Coming in as a freshman, it was important for her to join an organization like LBSA, where she could get involved, gain experience, and be able to grow personally and professionally. From joining the Marketing and Alumni Relations committee Fall semester to becoming Historian, she values the opportunities that she has had to network with other LBSA’ers and professionals from various companies. This summer Jessenia has been interning at a startup company, Boon, as a Marketing Analyst intern. As a rising sophomore, Jessenia will take on the role as LBSA’s Marketing Director and plans to broaden her experience, as she looks forward to interning with Ernst & Young(EY) next summer. In the future, she hopes to become a Latina business-woman and support diversity and inclusion initiatives wherever her career takes her.


Jaqueline (Jackie) Ortiz – A rising junior majoring in Legal Studies. Growing up around small business owners—her grandfather cultivates maize in Mexico and her father used to co-own a crating business—she witnessed the determination of her family to maintain their businesses afloat, despite their lack of resources. Combined with being raised in the Richmond-San Pablo area—cities filled with small businesses in need of development—she grew a passion for exposure to social entrepreneurship and the creativity it brings to the market. In the future, she hopes to provide real and sustainable solutions to the challenges that have blocked resource security for marginalized populations and question how businesses impact the quality of life of a community.

Jackie is currently a Discovery intern at Deloitte and an extern at AT&T. She is also working on creating a business-focused DeCal along with other LBSA members. Jackie is the SVP of Internal Affairs at LBSA where she hopes to strengthen relationships with the Latinx and Haas community.

Allyson Pineda 5x7

Allyson Pineda – I am a first generation Colombian student, born in Florida, USA and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I moved to the States in 2015, after finishing high school and with the dream of pursuing my professional studies. I initially went to community college in Los Angeles and then got admitted and transferred to UC-Berkeley. I have now graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Economics and a concentration of Global Economic Development. I joined LBSA in the very first year that I transferred; by first being part of the External Affairs Committee and later the Community Affairs and Executive Committee. Thanks to LBSA I not only had the opportunity to attend various professional events, but I was also able to expand my network and give back to the community. Thanks to LBSA I was fortunate to attend career fairs and special luncheons with professionals in the areas of interest, which gave me the confidence to later on land my summer internship with Visa inc. I also had the opportunity to be a mentor in resume building, interview prep and scholarships essay review for different students at Cal and in the Berkeley community. I am thankful that LBSA provided me with such an amazing and welcoming experience at Cal, as well as allowed me to connect with many different people and students that today I consider to be some of my good friends and whom I look forward to connecting again in the future while thriving together.

2020 Bronze Scholarship Recipients – $500


Mamsell Arteaga – A first-generation college student. She is an uprising senior studying Political Economics with a concentration in sustainability. She has been deeply involved in LBSA since her freshman year. She has served on multiple committees and has also served on board as the Director of Community Affairs and as the Executive Administrator. She is grateful for the impact that LBSA has had on her professional and personal college career. In the past two summers Mamsell has interned with KPMG and was able to make the initial connection at an LBSA event. This past year she has also become VITA/TCE certified and has volunteered in Oakland preparing taxes for the Fruitvale community. While juggling school, work, and volunteering, Mamsell has found her home away from with her LBSA familia.

Angel5x7Angel Garcia – An incoming senior majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy. As a first generation college student, he found a home at LBSA with many others sharing similar experiences. From interning in the finance committee to currently serving on the LBSA board for over an year, he was able to grow his leadership attributes.

Thanks to LBSA, Angel was able to secure internships at Deloitte, JP Morgan, and the U.S. Congress. This summer he is currently interning at Target under the corporate responsibility marketing branch.

Overall, his goal is to take his experiences and knowledge back to his hometown to build a pipeline to get more students admitted to college.


Joan Coello – An undocumented first-generation
student from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with an
Intended Business Administration and
Development Economy major.
She joined LBSA her freshman year as an External
Affairs and Internal Affairs Intern and is now the
Director of Public Relations. LBSA has been a
great support for her both academically and
professionally. LBSA helped Joan land her first
internship with the startup Boon this summer.

The LBSA familia has also become her home away from home, and she is very grateful for the relationships that LBSA has allowed her to make. She hopes to continue to serve underrepresented communities by becoming a resource and encouraging undocumented youth at the high school and college level to pursue higher
education. She also hopes to one day return to her home country, Honduras, and introduce a Social Enterprise that can address basic social unmet needs and can facilitate employment opportunities in their developing economy. Joan is inspired by seeing her mother’s hard work and sacrifices so that she can receive a quality education, and she hopes to make her efforts worth it by helping back in the community that watched her grow.


Jason Hoang –  A first-generation, transfer student studying Business Administration at Berkeley. He transferred from Rio Hondo college. Prior to attending college, he worked in the restaurant industry for several years. He is also a proud graduate from the Culinary Institute of America.

Jason was born and raised in Rosemead, California by his parents who were refugees to the United States after the Vietnam War. He is the youngest of three. He loves to cook, exercise, watch movies/television, and learn new skills. One of his favorite quotes is by Zig Ziglar, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

Professionally, Jason has worked in some of the best restaurants in the United States. He has mentored middle-school students in underserved communities. Worked as an audit intern at a Big Four. Washed dishes and served food at International House. Currently, he is an analyst intern at a start-up. He never knows what his next adventure will be but he is always eager to tackle challenges.


Cesar Madrigal – A first generation Latinx student from the humble abode of central California. He started off his LBSA journey his freshman year by joining the finance and professional development committee in order to meet like-minded driven individuals that have the similar goal of uplifting the Latinx community. He is currently the Director of Community Affairs and is trying to discover ways to tackle remote community service amidst the pandemic. One of his initiatives is to assist various high school students with online tutoring, college applications, and mentoring. Before becoming the Director of Community Affairs, he was the Director of Marketing.
As an incoming senior majoring in Environmental Economics with a minor in City Planning, his ultimate goal is to work within city government to provide more resources towards marginalized communities. He is currently an intern for the City of Porterville’s Economic Development Department assisting with city projects and researching what type of economic structures are attractive for a relatively small city to spur job growth along with consumer purchasing. In his free time, he likes to go to the gym, invest in stocks, and spend time with his family.


Alma Cruz Ramos – An incoming third year majoring in Political Economy. Her career aspirations revolve around accounting and hopes to complete all her accounting units throughout the rest of her time at Cal in order to sit for the CPA exam upon graduation. This summer she will be interning at EY. As a member of LBSA, she has contributed to several committees and has served on Board. Her favorite LBSA memory thus far has been volunteering at the Alcatraz Clean Up community service event. Alma looks forward to meeting new LBSA members, expanding her network, and continuing her accounting journey!

Christian Vargas – A senior studying Business Administration at the Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. He was born in Berkeley and grew up in Richmond, CA. Within LBSA, Christian has been an active member, participating as an intern committee and as a part of the winning team of the LBSA sponsored Google Case competition. Through the diversity-focused Google Case competition, he found a passion for helping other low-income people of color gain access to institutions where people of color are historically underrepresented. Looking forward, Christian plans to follow this passion through working in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion departments.

In 2019 LBSA Fund gave out $15,000 to 11 amazing LBSA students.

Magali Venegas 5x7

2019 Soledad Voss Scholarship –  $4,000 In honor of one of our LBSA Alumni.

Magali Venegas – An undocumented Mexicana who intends to earn a space in the Haas School of Business. She joined LBSA her freshman year as intern for the Public Relations Committee. During her spring semester she became Director of Marketing and now as a sophomore she serves as VP of Professional Development. LBSA helped Magali land her first internship with KPMG this past summer.

Her experience serving low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students through the Educational Opportunity Program serves as a source of inspiration for her future non-profit organization. She plans to establish an outreach program for students and parents to guide their plans toward higher education.

2019 Gold Scholarship Recipients – $2,000

Maria Ortega5x7

Maria Ortega –  Maria Ortega is a student at UC Berkeley double majoring in Business Administration and Environmental Economics & Policy. She is originally from Jalisco, Mexico and moved to San Francisco when she was eleven. She most recently interned at Citi Bank within the Commerical Banking Division servicing the TMT industry.

Her past work experience includes assisting an educational software company in Madrid as they planned an expansion to the U.S. market. Over the past year, Maria developed and taught a class on Corporate Social Responsibility for fellow UC Berkeley students. She also served Co VP of Alumni Relations for LBSAin line with my goals of helping Latinos advance through business and advancing my own organizational and problem-solving skills.

She plans to pursue a career combining her interests in business and sustainability and she is excited to enter her last semester at UC Berkeley!

Claudia Diaz 5x7

Claudia Diaz Throughout her time at Cal, Claudia has been a leader in Hermanas Unidas, an organization that focuses on the recruitment and retention of Latinas in Higher Education and is currently a RepresentED Leadership Fellow.

Closest to her heart is her participation in Alternative Break’s public service trips where she focused on reinstating voting rights of formerly incarcerated individuals. In addition, she helped bring resources and justice to the communities disproportionately affected by Hurricane Katrina. This past spring break, she traveled to Puerto Rico to work with two environmental-justice organizations focused on rural areas that were neglected after Hurricane Maria. Upon graduating, she hopes to continue this passion of giving back to neglected and underserved communities.

2019 Silver Scholarship Recipients – $1,000

Joseph Avila-Vargas 5x7

Joseph Avila-Vargas Joseph Emmanuel Avila-Vargas (Manny) is a recent graduate from the Haas School of Business, where he graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration. As a first year at UC Berkeley, Manny sought out LBSA and other professional Latinx organizations in order to seek guidance and mentorship. Manny is a first-generation college student so throughout his teenage years and throughout college, he sought out working professionals to learn from them and foster his individual growth.

Upon being admitted to Haas, Manny continuously returned to LBSA and other Latinx spaces to share his journey and help prospective business majors. Manny was also the Executive Director of the Raíces Recruitment and Retention Center where he sought to demystify higher education with the hope of giving back to the Latinx community. Manny is a firm believer that having access to mentors can facilitate an individual’s journey to success, so he is committed to helping other students, who like himself felt like support was inaccessible. This summer, Manny is interning at Gilead Sciences Inc. where he hopes to gain more experience in the Biotech field with the eventual goal of pursing a Master’s degree and making health services more accessible to underrepresented minorities.

Aleksandar Komatina 5x7

Aleksandar Komatina Snce joining LBSA his freshman year, Aleksandar has been thankful for the opportunities that LBSA has presented him such as landing an internship at KPMG his freshman year. He has held various positions within the Finance and Professional Development Committees including being the treasurer and has also organized various professional panels to introduce students to various career paths.

As an incoming senior in the Economics Department, Aleksandar has continued interning at KPMG within the Deal Advisory Department and aspires to pursue a career in M&A and consulting. In his spare time, he his heavily involved with being the VP of Finance for Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity by being in charge of all financial decisions and ensuring that cooperative housing situations at Berkeley are accessible for all students regardless of socioeconomic status through creating tailored payment plans or non monetary settlements.

Diego Corona 5x7

Diego Corona Diego has been involved in LBSA since his freshman year and has actively been a part of the Investment Committee. Throughout two semesters, he analyzed companies’ annual reports and financial statements to optimize returns and increase LBSA’s funds. As a rising sophomore, Diego looks forward to continue to intellectually grow in the Investment Committee and participate in outside internships and clubs in order to reach his goal of achieving a degree in Business Administration. His goal is to emphasize the importance of investing and banking in low-income communities to increase home ownership and financial literacy.

Lorenzo Cancel 5x7

Lorenzo Cancel Lorenzo is currently a senior studying Economics. Originally from El Centro—a town that borders Mexico—he spent most of his time in Mexicali, MX where he developed a passion towards empowering others on their educational journey. He has worked with Driven Academics, an education start-up company, for over two years now and he started a program that has given over $6,000 in scholarships. He joined LBSA in the Fall of 2019 and this past summer he interned at Apple in the Corporate Finance group. His post-graduation goals include continuing to explore a career in Corporate Finance as well as furthering Driven Academics mission by continuing to build upon it. His life long goal however, is to combine his corporate and start-up experience to become an entrepreneur.

Daniela Rogriduez 5x7

Daniela Rodriguez Daniela Rodriguez is a first generation college student going into her second year. She hopes to pursue a double major in Political Economy and Legal Studies. Since her arrival on campus, she has been involved with LBSA and most recently served as an intern for the Professional Development Committee as well as the External Affairs Committee. Ultimately, her goal is to work in Financial Services and she hopes to expand her knowledge of the industry by interning at KPMG this summer.

Natalia Urbina5x7Natalia Nava-Urbina As a freshman, Natalia joined LBSA’s finance committee and is this upcoming years VP of Alumni Relations. She is passionate about uplifting marginalized communities and during her first year taught catechism to children in first-grade from the Berkeley Community. She is an intended Business Administration major and her career aspirations revolve around finance and entrepreneurship. Ultimately, her long-term goal is to acquire enough knowledge and have enough resources at her disposal to open an affordable healthcare facility that will offer services to low-income communities.

2019 Bronze Scholarship Recipients – $500

Cesar Barajas 5x7

Cesar Barajas Cesar recently completed his freshman year at Cal and he intends to double-major in Economics and Data Science. In addition, he has been involved with LBSA across different committees, Finance and Operations. His passions revolve around helping others achieve their educational goals, especially those who grew up with similar barriers. For this reason, most of his community involvement has been helping low-income minorities become knowledgeable on what it takes to be admitted to a university of Cal’s caliber. In the future, he hopes to pursue a career in tech and continuing to aid the underprivileged in a more impactful way.

Allyson Pineda 5x7

Allyson Pineda Allyson is a first generation Colombian who moved to the United States five years ago. She transferred to UC Berkeley in 2017 and she is majoring in Political Economy with a concentration in International Trade.

Since her arrival on campus, she’s been involved in a number of committees in LBSA where she has had the opportunity to receive and give knowledge. She is thankful for the organization for having helped her secure an internship at Visa where she will be working in representation of Latin American communities.

In regards to her personal life, her biggest motivator is her younger brother who has dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer and she is passionate about seeking new experiences.

2018 Soledad Voss Scholarship –  $3,500 In honor of one of our LBSA Alumni.

Angelina 5x7

Angelina Zevallos – As a freshman, Angelina served as an intern across LBSA committees. She credits her involvement in the club with helping her secure a spot in Deloitte’s Pioneer Internship this past summer and for exposing her to the recruitment process at top firms. As a rising sophomore, she looks forward to continuing to expand her network, applying to the Haas School of Business, and serving as the VP of External Affairs.

2018 Gold Scholarship Recipients – $2,500

Xiu 5x7

Xiu Ying Li Yu  – Having immigrated to the Bay Area without her parents at the age of 13, Xiu made it her goal to pursue higher education, despite the language and financial barriers. Her experiences inspired her to develop financial and educational resources to give back to immigrants and underrepresented minorities. As a member of LBSA, she contributed to several committees, served on the board, and helped students gain admission to the Haas School of Business.

The impact of her efforts have motivated her to continue to give back to the community through her professional career. Upon graduating, she hopes to become a business consultant for small local businesses and increase the number of underrepresented minorities in the corporate world.

Maria 5x7

Maria Ortega – Since joining LBSA as a freshman, Maria has consistently been involved with LBSA. She previously served on board as the Executive Administrator where she welcomed new members as well as coordinating the undergraduate mentorship program. This upcoming year she will be serving as the Co-VP of Alumni Relations where she hopes to continue to strengthen ties with the alumni network.

Outside of LBSA, she is a double major in Business Administration and Environmental Economics who is passionate about sustainability. She hopes to share this passion with others this Fall semester in a Corporate Social Responsibility decal she will be leading.

2018 Silver Scholarship Recipients – $1,500

Nicolas 5x7

Nicolas Ontiveros – A Bay Area local, rising junior Nicolas Ontiveros previously served as LBSA’s VP of Finance. Within this position, he took it upon himself to establish an investment fund that allowed traditionally disempowered LBSA members to gain experience investing.

In addition to LBSA, he is also a member of UC Berkeley’s Roller Hockey Club Team and he aspires to be an operational or marketing consultant.

David 5x7

David ‘Dale’ Aguilar  – David’s experience with LBSA predates his time at Cal. As a senior in high school, he proactively reached out to a former board member, who then helped him with his application. Since then, he has held multiple committee positions, previously served on board as Marketing Director, and will serve as the VP of Internal Affairs this year.

He’s held internships at Facebook and Google and he aims to continue to increase the representation of Latinxs and Queer people of color in tech

Daniel 5x7

Daniel Shaby – Daniel is a rising senior at UC Berkeley studying Economics and Public Health. He is passionate about helping disadvantaged communities through the lens of public health education. Through LBSA, he has participated in the Community Affairs committee for two semesters and he has helped educate high school students on resume building and college preparation.


Kenia 5x7

Kenia De La Cruz – Kenia has been involved with LBSA since her freshman year, where she was a part of the Finance and External Affair committees. After her first semester, she went on to serve as Director of Marketing and will continue to serve her sophomore year as LBSA’s Executive Administrator. Outside of the organization, Kenia is passionate about sharing her experiences and serving as a mentor to those with similar backgrounds. In one of her most recent experiences, she served as a mentor for Wells Fargo Fellows and she was invited to participate in the conference held in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She intends to major in Environmental Economics and Policy and she aspires to attain a career in marketing after graduating—where she aims to tackle strategic and creative problems.

Francisco 5x7

Francisco Gomez – Entering his fourth year as a major in Political Economy, Francisco has consistently given back to underrepresented communities throughout his college career. In the past he has served on the LBSA board and has continued his involvement by participating in workshops, socials, and professional development related activities. Outside of Cal, he organizes professional development and accounting/finance workshops at his old high school where the aim is to provide motivation to young students seeking higher education.

This past summer he had the opportunity to work at Goldman Sachs and he hopes to pursue a position in portfolio strategy for a large hedge fund focused firm in the future.

Maribel 5x7Maribel Juarez Vargas – Hailing from a small town in the Central Valley whose population is only 2,000 people, Maribel has been involved in LBSA since freshman year. Initially serving on the Finance committee and later serving on board on multiple occasions, Maribel is now an incoming junior majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Global Poverty and Practices. It wasn’t until her arrival in Berkeley and involvement in LBSA where she began to realize the lack of educational and professional diversity in her community. As a result, her career goals revolve around promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in underprivileged communities.

Mago 5x7

Mago Peña – Mago is currently a rising senior studying Political Economy with a minor in Rhetoric. He has been heavily involved with LBSA since sophomore year and he has previously served as VP of External Affairs. This upcoming year he will serve as President of the organization and he looks forward to elevating LBSA’s presence on campus and furthering its mission.

Upon graduating, he hopes to work in market research of hardware products for prominent tech companies that are committed to facilitating peoples lives.

Belinda 5x7

Belinda Hernandez – Throughout college, Belinda has had a strong track record of giving back to those that are underrepresented. As a freshman, she volunteered at the YWCA’s TechGirls program, where she created and led weekly STEM activities for low-income children. During her second year in college, she became a part of LBSA’s External Affairs and Community Affairs committees and continued to give back. She helped organize community service events aimed at improving high school students’ professional development and helping them further develop their networking skills.

Now an incoming Junior majoring in Economics, Belinda’s goal is to help educate low-income families and small businesses on financial literacy, to help them improve their standard of living.

Scholarship Recipients Pre-2018

Soledad Voss Scholarship- $2,000 In honor of one of our LBSA Alumni.

Jazzary 5x7

Jazary Olvera – A transfer student from DeAnza College into Haas, she will participant in the SEO career program this summer in NYC. Going against her mother’s wishes of wanting her to work rather than attend school, Jazary moved out of her house at age 18 in order to pursue her education. Her goal is to now “empower other Latinas (who) may have also been sheltered by a community which disregards the significance of a higher education”.


Silver Scholarship Recipients – $1,000

Ulises 5x7

Ulises Mendoza – Emphasizing on mentorship his efforts on the student board focused on expanding the mentorship base for students to help increase diversity at Haas. He is a believer in the impact of both peer and professional mentors and has made many contributions to strengthen mentorship programs within LBSA.



Carolina 5x7

Carolina Rosas – Joined LBSA as a freshman and rapidly became a leader joining the student board as the historian during her first year. Afterwards she gave back to the community by organizing multiple events as the Community Affairs director that allowed LBSA to volunteer on-site at the Boys and Girls Club and holding fundraisers for non profit organizations.


Ariadne 5x7

Ariadne Valadez – From a town of 800 people called Tranquility in the Central Valley of California. Joining the LBSA student board early in her tenure at UC Berkeley she became the executive administrator as a sophomore.




Tania 5x7

Tania Velasco – As a junior in college Tania spearheaded the Haas Mentorship Workshop in which business majors were paired with pre-business majors aiming to increase diversity at the Haas School of Business. She is certain that LBSA will be able to increase the amount of Latino applicants into Haas with these types of programs.



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