About Us

The LBSA Alumni Fund is focused on engaging and growing alumni relationships by assisting in the professional and academic growth of both its student and alumni members.

LBSA Fund Goals

  • To provide career, life and academic mentorship
  • To be a resource to the LBSA student board in their efforts to improve their organization
  • To encourage students to participate in their academic growth, career development and community
  • To strengthen and grow the alumni relationship

Board Members

LBSA Board Picture

Our board is composed of 10 LBSA Alumni members representing the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York.


Scholarship Recipients 2018 Revised

Since our inception we have given out over $91,000 in scholarships used for educational and living expenses.

Every year, we give at least 5 scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $3,500 each to qualified students.

Learn about past scholarship recipients.



We have networking events throughout the year to engage, grow, and keep our alumni connected to our mission.

We partner with other professional development and social organizations to bring students and alumni networking opportunities.


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