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We strive to engage and grow alumni relationships to assist Latinos continued professional growth. In our efforts we have given out over $141,000 in  scholarships used for educational and living expenses and continue to strengthen community bonds through networking events and mentorship both to students and alumni.


Sometimes the best ideas hashed are the ones that occur over a casual conversation with your friends.

This is exactly what happened one day but this idea became more than an idea; it became Latino Business Student Association. For twenty years the students of LBSA have focused on promoting diversity both at Haas School of Business but also in the corporate world by providing both academic resources and extensive networks, but it doesn’t stop once you graduate.

As Alumni out in the work force there are still vast opportunities ahead of us and we strive to engage and grow alumni relationships towards assisting Latinos continued professional growth.

As Chairman of the LBSA Alumni Fund I encourage you to join our efforts to be both a mentor and resource to current LBSA students and to engage and grow your own alumni resource network to further your own professional goals while aiding in your own alumni colleagues in their goals.

Cesar Sanchez

2022 LBSA Alumni Fund Chairman